Introducing Freshata® Horchata Oficial – The Infusion Of A New Generation

Freshata® is our fresh and premium beverage inspired by the traditional Latin beverage known globally as horchata - pronounced (or-CHA-tah). You may have grown up drinking horchata or are just now discovering what people around the world have enjoyed for centuries. The result is a one-of-a-kind refreshment sensation for a new generation of fans in Kansas City. Served over ice, these light, creamy, and slightly sweetened beverages, ice creams, and paletas are as refreshing as they are addictive.  We are confident that our versions of horchata including, Freshata® Classic, Freshata® Iced Coffee, Freshata® Ice Cream, and Freshata® Paletas are the right mix of flavors and will be wildly accepted by our customers no matter their country of origin.  Give them all a try.

Look for Freshata® at these Paleterias Tropicana locations and events throughout
Kansas City.

  • KANSAS CITY, MO 830 Southwest Boulevard
  • KANSAS CITY, KS Prescott Plaza, 151 South 18th Street, Suite N
  • OLATHE, KS   539 East Santa Fe
  • WICHITA, KS  2021 N Amidon Ave, Suite 115