Horchata (or-CHA-ta)

Horchata varies in taste across the world, although the beverage version may share the same name, the flavor of each is unique to its country of origin. Freshata® our versions are refreshing chilled beverages and ice creams containing a carefully prepared mix of ingredients including dairy, vanilla and always cinnamon. Freshata® is offered in four varieties Freshata® Classic, Freshata® Iced Coffee, Freshata® Ice Cream, and Freshata® Paletas, so that you can try all four versions and choose your favorite.


Is Freshata® like anything else I’ve ever tasted?

Horchata aficionados will tell you our beverages taste like the horchata of their childhood. New enthusiasts are at a loss for words because Freshata® is an entirely new experience for the senses. Some describe our irresistibly creamy, chilled and sweetened refreshment somewhere between a healthy milkshake and a silky smoothie. We’ve even heard people say the flavor combination reminds them of a chilled Mexican coffee. You be the judge. Many find it takes more than just one Freshata® to form an educated opinion!

What are fans saying about Freshata®?

“I did not expect to have the best horchata ever to be found in Kansas.”

“I tried to make horchata on my own, and it never comes out like Freshata.”

“My recommendation, just try it, you will fall in love with it.”

“Freshata’s ingredients taste fresh and bold. The first sip brought a smile to my face and left me craving more.”

“It’s my first horchata, but it won’t be my last! Where can I buy Freshata?”

Where is Freshata® available?

Freshata® is available at these Paleterias Tropicana locations:

  • KANSAS CITY, MO 830 Southwest Boulevard
  • KANSAS CITY, KS Prescott Plaza, 151 South 18th Street, Suite N
  • OLATHE, KS  539 East Santa Fe
  • WICHITA, KS 2021 N Amidon Ave, Suite 115  

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